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HeadBanged Comics

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Ещё один шедевр от MetalStorm... Опять пришлось в Гугле искать...


Vlashkgbr ("Vlash")

Age: 19
Homeland: Norway
Gender: Male
Genre: Christian, "UnBlack"/"White," Black
Favorite bands: Horde, Crimson Moonlight, Immortal Souls, Tourniquet, Immortal
Occupation: Works in an underground CD store
Hobbies: Looking grim and necro, drawing

Vlashkgbr was born and raised in a Christian home, and his parents brought him up listening to uplifting music, but he never liked their boring worship music. So he looked for a band that rocked out in the name of Christ, and became a huge Stryper fan. From there he moved onto heavier bands that shared his beliefs, and then into secular metal as well, eventually becoming intrigued by black metal. He never liked all the Satanic references, so he stuck to "Unblack" bands and bands that simply weren't overly Satanic, like Immortal. Despite his religion, Vlash is just as grim and necro as the next black metal fan, and even knows quite a bit about Satanism, just happens not to believe it.



Age: 22
Homeland: Sweden
Gender: Male
Genre: Melodic Death/Melodic Black
Favorite bands: Children of Bodom, Skyfire, Dark Tranquillity, Gardenian, Kalmah
Occupation: Web design
Hobbies: Programming

Kind of the voice of reson of the group, Nils is probably the most "normal" of all the characters. His father was a stoner who, at age thirteen, hired a cheap prostitute who happened to forget her birth control pill, and since they were both totally wasted when Nils was born in a cardboard box in an ally, they named him after the survivor of the murder at Lake Bodom. It was because of this that Nils discovered Children of Bodom, his favorite band, and came to know metal. Because he didn't have very much stability in his life growing up (due to the fact that his father could have been his brother), he is very self-sufficient and tolerant of the chaos around him, which is fortunate because there is always chaos around him, with his friends. A lot of chaos.



Age: 21
Homeland: England
Gender: Male
Genre: Glam, NWOBHM
Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Poison, Whitesnake, Dio
Occupation: Unemployed
Hobbies: Hitting on girls, having sex

Eddie lives like it's still the 80's and he's in a popular hair metal band, which he is not. In fact, he doesn't even play any instruments except guitar, which he is still learning. He's really bad, but has probably the best teacher in the world (John Petrucci). Most girls don't like Eddie (in fact a lot think that he's a lesbian at first), but he hits on so many that he pretty much sleeps in a different bed every night. Eddie has 30-something STI's (he's not sure of the exact number anymore) and has 26 children that he doesn't know about. Despite his objectifying of women, Eddie's a really nice guy who always stands up for his friends and never fights amongst his peers. He's just a little over-the-top sometimes.



Age: 20
Homeland: Quebec, Canada
Gender: Male
Genre: Death, Brutal Death, Grindcore
Favorite bands: Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Psycroptic, Napalm Death, Quo Vadis
Occupation: Lumberjack
Hobbies: Eating and lifting weights

Jacques looks like an evil giant that would think nothing of crushing you into oblivion with his bare hands, but he's actually a really, really nice, sweet guy. Mentally, he's kind of like a little puppy, always excited when something semi-interesting happens, but can also be shot down easily sometimes. In fact, he sometimes cries when someone is angry or annoyed at him, but he can also recover fairly easily just by listening to bone-crunching metal or watching ice hockey. Kind of a "Lenny" character, Jacques isn't the brightest bulb ever, but makes up for it by literally being stronger than the rest of the eight main characters combined.



Age: 18
Homeland: Finland
Gender: Female
Genre: Gothic, doom
Favorite bands: Older Paradise Lost, Katatonia, Draconian, Candlemass, Green Carnation, Sentenced
Occupation: Works with Vlash in the CD store
Hobbies: Writing poetry and drawing

The only female among the main characters, Eveliina lives up to many of the stereotypes of the typical goth, although she would deny it without a second though. She carries around a notebook and a pencil which she often draws in or writes depressing poetry, although nobody is ever allowed to look inside. She is always depressed to the point that it's unnatural and is often obviously forced, and also speaks cryptically and expects others to know what she's talking about, but it doesn't often work. As the only female main character, she is expected to play the role of "the girl," but generally doesn't, and suggestions to do so lead to ranting about conformity and weak wills.



Age: 18
Homeland: Germany
Gender: Male
Genre: Power
Favorite bands: Manowar, Lost Horizon, Blind Guardian, Demons and Wizards, Rhapsody
Occupation: Works at Sports Authority
Hobbies: Hunting

The youngest and smallest of the group, Sven speaks with a strong accent and likes to live in fantasy. When he isn't actually out in the woods, he's generally pretending his is or reading a fantasy book. Sven is very hyper which often annoys his companions, but he's not even really around that often anyway. He daydreams often about being a mystical hero in an enchanted world and occasionally loses track of that line between fantasy and reality. He once slayed the couch.



Age: 20
Homeland: Massachusettes
Gender: Male
Genre: Thrash
Favorite bands: Slayer, Exodus, Megadeth, Carnal Forge, Destruction
Occupation: (Changes often... doesn't keep a job for long.)
Hobbies: Picking fights with larger people, Working out

Danny's not very nice. He likes to beat people up, but he is not without honor, so he would never hurt someone smaller or weaker than he is. As a result, he always tries to beat up bigger people, and generally gets his ass kicked. He is easily angered and quick to take his anger out on the nearest object, whether it's alive or not. He values the bond he has with his friends, and although he does often argue with them, they really do mean a lot to him, and would defend any of them at the slightest implication of an offensive thought.



Age: 18
Homeland: Idaho
Gender: Male
Genre: Nu
Favorite bands: Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Linkin Park
Occupation: No job, his parents give him money
Hobbies: Shopping, hanging out at the mall

Percy is the kind of character that everyone, no matter what conflicts are going on between them, can find time to hate. He's the angsty mallcore kid that is spoiled by his rich parents and thinks he's badass because he listens to metal. Percy tries to fit in with his more elite peers, but he is so unwilling to consider himself less than the best that he refuses to listen to any of the "true metal" that is suggested to him because he thinks it would be like submitting to them. He often tries to gain respect in rediculous ways and it generally doesn't work

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"Holy Crap":



"Porn Piece or The Scars Of Hot Licks":









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"Shot In The Dark":



"Metal Kombat"



Это все уцелевшие эпизоды. Если найдёте ещё - кидайте сюда, пожалуйста.




чё-то про Слипврот не до конца врубился...



Я тоже. Но так как уцелело так мало эпизодов, я не был разборчивым. Авось, кто-нибудь другой поймёт.